That’s More Like It – Blazers lose to Thunder 95-111

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Blazers, Hoops
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Shout out to John Canzano for the clips (@JohnCanzanoBFT).

Listen, I get that I may catch some flack for my views as the Blazers struggle with consistency from now through the end of the season.  Let me clear the air on a few things:

1) I like Kaleb Canales.  I think he may be the coach of the future for the Blazers and I hope that management isn’t stupid enough to judge him based on wins and losses over this stretch, but by how the team responds to him, how the players feel about him, and his ability to get the team to do the right things on the court.  If anything, I fear that he may be able to get the Blazers to play well enough to actually sneak into the 8 spot.  Management should not let that happen.

2) I like the Blazers.  I want them to be ultimately successful.  To be ultimately successful, a team must win an NBA championship.  I’ve seen them go to the finals twice in my life time, and come within a 4th quarter meltdown of doing it a third time (in a year when they likely would have actually won it all)…

… having followed the Red Sox closely through a horrible drought (thanks go my father’s allegiances) throughout the first 23 years of my life, I know how sweet a championship is for a thirsting franchise.  You don’t get there by sneaking into the 8 spot with an inferior team.  You get there by adding franchise players.  And tonight, as we watch ourselves lose to the dominant OKC Thunder, it’s hard not to appreciate the opportunity on the horizon for the franchise as we approach this incredibly deep draft, as the only team currently with multiple very solid lottery picks.  Playing against a team like the Thunder, and acknowledging where even the lottery cursed Blazers have gotten their current/recent franchise players (Aldridge, Batum, Roy), should only heighten our realization that we’ve got to get some sweet picks this year and an ill-advised mad dash for the 8th spot needs to be quelched as soon as possible to help the Blazers gain proper positioning.

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