You Do Realize This Could Go Very Wrong, Right?

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Blazers, Hoops
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“Look Canales – I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly!”

Egads, Blazers management.  WHAT THE F— ARE YOU DOING?  So you had to give the blazers a pass for going out and whopping the Bulls right after they fired Nate, and dumped 40% of their starting lineup.  I get it.  But the blazers have all the tools to be losing at this point (I’m looking at you the quadumvirate known as Flabeeksonabbitt), and should also be auditioning the aforementioned Flabeeksonabbitt for future rotation gigs – given that even with the dumping of Wallace and Camby, the blazers still have a 32, 33, and a 39 year old (none of whom are on long-term deals) logging a combined 66 minutes in the rotation.  Canales, clearly auditioning himself for next year, more than auditioning any members of Flabeeksonabbitt, gave them a combined 8 rotation minutes last night (4 to Flynn, and 4 to Babbitt).  The proposed explanation, is that Canales wants to give the members of Flabeeksonabbitt some time to learn the offensive and defensive schemes.  The big problem I see with that is, what does teaching them the offense or defense have to do with helping us lose games?  If I were Paul Allen I’d dictate that nobody be taught any offense or defense for the rest of the season.

The importance of tanking here, cannot be overstated enough.  Let’s say we play well enough to sneak into the 8th spot (a remote possibility with Minnesota reeling from the loss of Rubio, and dealing with Pekovic’s bum ankles, and Houston has a pretty rough schedule from here on out) and given the fact that the Blazers have played like world beaters in 2 of the 4 post trade deadline matchups.  Let’s say NJ continues rushing full-throttle in a run for the bottom (while the Wizards are playing much better since the addition of Nene – who showed Roy Hibbert that he has the ability to thrash any East Coast Center not named Dwight Howard – despite them coming up 2 points short).  There is a reasonable potential for the blazers to end up with no lottery picks at all.

Then we’re stuck with Aldridge & Batum (who’s going to command 100 million, given the fact that asshole Northwest competitor is likely to sign him to a massive offer sheet knowing the blazers will sign) & Wes Matthews, and likely forced to re-sign Hickson – with no impact rookies coming on board and we’ll do something dump like through 30 million over two seasons at Steve Nash, who will face the absurd body shock of having to jump from the HGH infused water, and cryosauna (that part is actually real) in the Phoenix Suns training room to team trainers and doctors who according to Walton, Bowie, Roy, Oden, and Elliot Williams still perform ritual blood letting, rub mercury on ligament wounds, and routinely use trepanation to assist with point guard decision making.

It’s suck now, or suck for the next 6 years Blazers organization.  Choose wisely.

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