JJ Hickson Posterizes Entire Clippers Roster

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Blazers, Hoops
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DeAndre Jordan Gets Mozgov’d/Perkins’d in the Staples Center (courtesty of Get Banged On)

While Blazermaniacs seem to be waivering in their ethusiasm for their squad post trade deadline, and probably pre-deadline, the pick-up of JJ Hickson off the waiver wire has at the very least provided more offensive energy and atheleticism than they’ve shown all year.  While coach Canales will have to work on their defensive schemes, the duo of Hickson and Aldridge could be both offensively devastating and very solid on the glass.  Combine them with a solid pick and roll point guard, and Matthews and Batum in on the wings, and this could be a mix that’s tough assignment for any NBA team to defend.  With potentially two lottery picks this year, things are certainly looking brighter for the Blazers, as early as next season.  And if nothing else, he should give blazer fans a reason to keep that sellout streak alive, which must keep the Vulcans happy.


Blake making the decision to try and avoid this poster after watching what Hickson did to Jordan (via Mij305)

Hickson’s 29-13-3 Line was certainly nasty on the offensive end, although one can’t help but notice that someone as atheletic as Hickson did not manage a single block or steal.  While small sample size is certainly rearing it’s ugly head in these statistics, and Hickson won’t often get the chance to be the primary offensive option he was last night, with LaMarcus out of the lineup, Hickson has posted career shattering advanced stats in his brief time with the blazers, including a PER of 25.5, a 63.6 TS %, and 65.5% eFG.  But it’s important to note that his usage rate is his highest except in 10-11 in Cleveland when there were really no other offensive options.  It’s also important to note that his rebounding percentages are at career lows, but his assists are higher than any season except his last year playing with Lebron.  I wouldn’t make much of all of this, other than he’s playing at a high level through his first five games on the blazers, and should easily warrant an extension, unless he proves to be overly knuckleheaded and refuses to play d (both possibilities it would appear).  But for now, Rip City gets to enjoy one of the elite atheletes in the NBA, playing at a very high level. 

Thabeet and Babbitt both got new season highs in minutes for the blazers last night, and Babbit played decently (despite the fact that he had no business lining up with Blake Griffin), while Thabeet managed to flirt with fouling out in just 8 minutes.  Flynn played well in 15 minutes as well, and looks like he might be worth an extension to me as a combo guard off the bench.  It’d be nice to see Flynn’s numbers continue to go up a bit, but it’s understandable as well as Felton has run the pick and roll with Hickson, why Canales would want to keep him on the floor.   

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