Enes Kanter, Welcome to JJ Hickson’s Poster Collection

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Blazers, Hoops
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Hickson Posterizes Enes Kanter and Gordon Hayward (via TheBlazersVideos)

By far the most entertaining thing going on for the Trailblazers these days is elite displays of atheleticism that JJ Hickson puts forth on occasion.  We’re still looking at a small sample size, and he certainly didn’t have a particularly special game on Monday night, but it’s still worth noting that since moving from Sacramento to the Blazers just seven games ago, Hickson has raised his FG% for the whole season by 6.9% and scored over a third of his points, in under 24% of his minutes on the season.  It’ll be interesting to see if he continues to develop, but the biggest issue continues to be his rebounding percentage.  Last night, on the defensive end, he was again one of the worst rebounders in the entire game.  With his atheleticism and the knack he shows above at getting to boards on the offensive end, it’s disappointing that he doesn’t do a better job of protecting the paint and rebounding on the defensive end.  There’s no doubt that this is one of those things that caused Byron Scott, Paul Westphal, and Keith Smart all to give minutes to other seemingly less talented players.  If he wants to play center for the Blazers in the future, that has to change – as Aldridge is not strong enough on the defensive end to make up for Hickson’s lack of effort down there.  Still, it’s disappointing to see Przybilla starting over him, and I have to think that the Blazers are really only doing that out of respect for bringing the Vanilla Gorilla out of retirement, and maybe so Hickson can bring some energy off the bench for them.  

Up next for the Blazers are the Nets, a must lose game in terms of tanking positioning and preserving that Nets’ draft pick for themselves – but I doubt the players and coaches see it that way.  Still, it will be interesting to see how Crash Wallace responds in his return to the Rose Garden, and you know D-Willikers is going to have his way with the Blazers as well. 

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