Hickson Watch & Chad Ford Mock Draft 3.0

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Blazers, Hoops
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“Scola Can’t Jump, Hickson Can”

Tonight JJ Hickson will get his second start in place of LaMarcus Aldridge for the Blazers.  In total this marks his third start for the blazers, and we all remember what he did the last time he started for Aldridge.  If Hickson can drop 19 tonight, which seems perfectly plausible with Aldridge out and Batum a game-time decision, he will have scored more points in 12 games and 3 starts, and about half as many minutes, as he did in 35 games and 9 starts in Sactown.  Let the saltiness continue.  His statistics continue to improve in the defense and effort columns over the last few games, and his per 36 minute averages are now at 17.5 points, 8.8 boards (3.6 offensive), 1.2 dimes, .8 steals, and 1.2 blocks, while shooting 56.3 percent from the field.  Last time I checked, those were pretty solid numbers for most starting centers in the NBA these days.  The only real flaws he’s currently showcasing are his 58.8% FT percentage with the team , which should eventually migrate towards his career average of  66.8%.  Tonight’s start against Golden State should provide Hickson with a valuable opportunity to showcase his atheleticism against the Warriors d-league level defensive front court.

“Hickson Tracks Down Udoh”

In other news, Chad Ford released his third mock draft of the season.  He has the blazers picking Damian Lillard from Weber State with the 7 pick, and Perry Jones with the 11 pick.  Hard not to love that.  It would be amazing if they were lucky and smart enough to end up with both of those guys.  Ford does acknowledge that if the Nets keep losing like they did last night vs. the skidding Sixers, that they do have a possibility to retain their pick – BUT right now it looks like there will be a minimum of five teams below them in the basement (currently there are six) and the blazers have the opportunity to help push another team below them tonight with a win over Golden State.  If your keeping score at home, that actually makes this a game we want the blazers to win – unlike the one they won with this LA’s late game heroics recently (it was fun to watch though I admit).  As I was scouring the net for JJ Hickson videos, I did come across this big game from him from his post-Lebron Cleveland days – including some pretty clutch defensive plays.

“Hickson Shutting Down Griffin/Davis Back in Cleveland Days”

  1. Ben Yew says:

    the question is do/should the blazers try to package picks for a higher pick?

    • jaybeware says:

      A worthy question for sure. Depends on what’s available I suppose. If they can move into top 2 or 3 its probably prudent. Will be an interesting offseason for sure

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