Adult Rappers – A Documentary

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Hip Hop
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I saw this over at, and thought I’d repost here.  The success of this project will all be in the execution, but it’s a great idea.  I’ve thought about this for many years now.  Living in Harlem running into retired/gone blue(or white) collar/hanging on/washed up rappers was a pretty regular occurence and there’s even some funny stories there that might be worth writing up at some point.  Some re-adjust well and some don’t, but it’s definitely an interesting topic for a documentary.  Shout out to PaWL for working to put this together.

“My buddy Paul aka paWL from Hangar 18 is working on a documentary called Adult Rappers. The premise, is that we now have a generation of men and women who were raised on rap music and are adults…or at least should be. Let’s talk to the artists of this generation and see how it all turned out. Get their thoughts and feelings on hip hop, what it was like, what they are doing now, are they successful, are they homeless derelicts are they still making music. How did coming up hip hop form them as people and what can we take away from that.

He is in the home stretch and trying to finish it by next festival season. He has started a kickstarter page to try and bring in the funds for the last bit and cut together a preview, if you think their is something their and are so inclined why not kick in a few sheckles to make this happen.” – Alaska from Hangar 18

Support this project here.

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