Raz – 10 Feet Tall

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Hip Hop
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Raz “10 Feet Tall”

So I’m working on some new things that will undoubtedly come out this week and next, but I’ve got to say there’s a lot of artists this year who’ve set the bar pretty high, so far this year.  Anyway, if anybody is following this blog and wants to stay up on more momentary interests in between bigger features, reviews, and interviews – I have a tumblr associated with this site for smaller more momentary things.  hardwoodblacktop.tumblr.com is the site, and recently I’ve put up a couple videos from a rapper named Raz or Razpy out of Seattle, that I came across just the other day on my old stomping grounds steadybloggin.com.  Anyway, there’s not a ton of material out there widely on the net about this guy.  But his rep seems to be quickly picking up steam.  Below are some of the better examples of what he has up his sleeve that are out there.  I will tend to keep full releases on this site, and cover some up and coming artists and individual songs more on the tumblr.  So if you’re interested, be sure to follow both.


Raz “They’ll Speak”

Razpy “Ugly People”

Razpy “The Love”

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