Hardwood Blacktop Presents… Raider Klan – No Fakin’ Tha Phonk and Rvidxr Psvlms, Prvyxrs, & Incvntvtixns

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Hip Hop
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SpaceGhostPurrp – “Tha Phonk”

There’s been a serious drought of Raider Klan material over the last month (despite these two releases this week) – which has to be something strategic given their propensity to release music at a pretty rapid pace.  Perhaps they’re gearing up for some new solos (Amber London and SpaceGhostPurrp both have new projects on the way in the next month or so), but perhaps they’re gearing up for the Raider Klan’s official group mixtape, which has been discuss a lot in my interviews with them, despite the lack of any official word.

This week I’ve decided to go with two new Raider Klan mixes highlighting one area of their work which is probably over discussed with relation to their catalog – their 90’s themed phonk music – and the other which is under documented – their more ethereal, spiritual, and occasionally socio-political music.  Everyone, who has any sense of the Raider Klan, has a pretty good sense of the fact that they’re 90’s babies who frequently recall the music and imagery of their birth decade and reimagine g-funk, Memphis underground, and DJ Screw – along with many other subgenres – themed music into a modern context.  The reality is that looking at them as a collective (something which is somewhat problematic given their diversity of styles) they really don’t create “90’s music” that often when compared to some of today’s revivalists, especially as a percentage of their overall catalog.  It’s certainly not an insubstantial portion of their catalog and there are individual artists like Amber London, Ethelwulf, and Key Nyata that more frequently access those themes in their music, but on the flip side there are members – like their leader SpaceGhostPurrp for instance – who rap over tracks that sound distinctly 90’s relatively infrequently.  Having said that, some of Raider Klan artists do make great music in that vein and the influence of 90’s music and 90’s rap artists is certainly apparent throughout the music of the collective.  No Fakin’ Tha Phonk is a collection of selected pieces of classic Raider Klan 90’s phonk.  In contrast to KLVN MENTALITY, which highlighted the group’s collaborative efforts and diversity, No Fakin’ Tha Phonk focuses on many of the Klan’s best solo acts, in some cases the usual suspects crossover to show up again as Amber London and Ethelwulf for instance are most heralded for their guest spots and their 90’s themed tracks.  There’s also a good dose of artists here who didn’t show up on KM (or only showed up briefly), such as Key Nyata, Young Renegade, Yung Raw, Harvey G, Dough Dough, and Grandmilly.

Key Nyata “I Wanna Smoke (Get High)”

In addition to No Fakin’ Tha Phonk, I brought a mix of what is probably my personal favorite brand of Raider Klan music, in a collection I’ve entitled Psvlms, Prvyxrs, & Incvntvtixns, which highlights music from 2.7.5. representatives who get a little more spiritual, political, inspirational, or maybe just perform seances to revive deceased demon pimps.  The range in subject matter here definitely varies, and in some cases the “spiritual nature” is more about vibe than it is lyrics, but in many ways I think it’s the most distinctly Raider mix of the three I’ve put together.  Again these are all solo tracks, to contrast with the previous collaboration mix (there’s a second one of those on the way eventually), this highlights some artists that weren’t too prevalent there, such as Lil Champ Fway, Dough Dough, Key Nyata, and Sky Lexington and leaves some of the more trap friendly and collaboration happy members – Denzel Curry & Soulja Mook for instance – out of the mix here.

Amber London “Low MF Key”

Download: Hardwood Blacktop Presents… Raider Klan – No Fakin’ Tha Phonk

1) Grandmilly – Black Magic
2) Nell – Soul Searching
3) Ethelwulf – Flaw of Perfection
4) Amber London – Low MF Key
5) Key Nyata – Get High (I Wanna Smoke)
6) Grandmilly – Muddy Water
7) Young Renegade – High In ’97
8) Key Nyata – Quit Fakin’ Tha Phonk
9) Amber London – ’94 Cool Shit
10) Ethelwulf – 1st Chapta of tha Phonk
11) Yung Raw – Born In ’94
12) Eddy Baker – Mob Part 2
13) SpaceGhostPurrp – Tha Phonk
14) Harvey G – Vibin At The Park
15) Chris Travis – Purple Thoughts
16) Yung Simmie – Phonky Shit
17) Amber London – Steelo
18) Ethelwulf – Don’t Fuck Around
19) Dough Dough Da Don – Cocaine
20) Chris Travis – For The Love of $
21) Grandmilly – 90’s Baby
22) Amber London – Four Twenty
23) Yung Raw – The Trill OG

SpaceGhostPurrp – “Black God”

1) SpaceGhostPurrp – Osiris of East
2) Nell – Hazy Trips
3) Grandmilly – Into Pieces
4) Eddy Baker – ’93 Puffin Freestyle
5) Lil Champ Fway – Fway Age 4Eva
6) Sky Lex – Menace
7) SpaceGhostPurrp – Tha Black God
8) Yung Simmie – Stairway to Heaven
9) Dough Dough Da Don – I’m a Raider
10) Key Nyata – Reign of Power | Fuck Assimilation
11) Yung Raw – Eastbound
12) SpaceGhostPurrp – Mystikal Maze
13) Sky Lex – Ovastand
14) Listen to the Night – Key Nyata
15) Chris Travis – K.O.T.U.
16) SpaceGhostPurrp – Legend of the East Pyramids
17) Key Nyata – All Black Space Whip
18) Ethelwulf – Black Group
19) SpaceGhostPurrp – Raider Prayer

Key Nyata “All Black Space Whip”

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