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“Neck Uv Da Woods” – Mystikal featuring OutKast  (produced by Earthtone III)

There’s an important conversation in hip hop production that rarely takes place publicly regarding OutKast’s musical production and much of the Dungeon Family’s work from ’96 through ’03.  Organized Noize (ONP) has rightfully been given a massive amount of credit, and it could be effectively argued that they don’t get enough credit, for their groundbreaking and region defining production work with OutKast, Goodie Mob, TLC, En Vogue, Witchdoctor, Cool Breeze, Society of Soul, Sleepy’s Theme, Lil Will, Backbone, The Calhouns and many others.  Yet in the appreciation of the production work specifically related to OutKast, and occasionally related to other Dungeon Family acts, some key names are often overlooked and under-appreciated in the production credits: Andre Benjamin (Dre or 3000), David Sheats (Mr. DJ), and Antwan Patton (Big Boi).