Hardwood Blacktop interviews are reserved for those who are doing something exceptional in the field of rap.  Often this will mean that these are artists who also have a product worth reviewing at the moment – hence the overlap between artists being reviewed and artists being interviewed – but it could also mean that they’re a part of an interesting movement or sub-genre in rap, they have interesting historical knowledge of particular local scenes, they’re doing something innovative stylistically, or they’re just generally killing shit.  More interviews coming soon.

Illogic & Blockhead

Jackie Chain

Ka – The Making of Grief Pedigree

Ka – The Making of Grief Pedigree (Sidebars)

Lil Ugly Mane

Mikkey Halsted

Raider Klan (Memphis Edition: Ethelwulf, Chris Travis, Yung Raw)

Raider Klan (New York Edition: Grandmilly, Matt Stoops, Big Zeem)

Raider Klan (Southwest Edition: Amber London, Eddy Baker, Sky Lexington)



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