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If you’re 7’2″ then do you think my release is 13’9″ish?

JJ Hickson made his debut with the Portland Trailblazers last night against the Lakers add proved to be pretty efficient offensively, even if he did not show much on the defensive end.  According to Hoopdata’s advanced box score for the game, Hickson and LaMarcus Aldridge each lead blazers who took more than 1 field goal attempt, with a 66.7% Effective Field Goal percentage.  At the same time, Hickson posted a very pedestrian 5.3% rebound rate (to put that in the context of other blazers last night, the rebound rates for Kurt Thomas (22.5%) LaMarcus (12.8%) Przybilla (6.9%) and Wes Matthews (8.1%) were all superior and every member of the Lakers who played (except for Troy Murphy, who played only 3 minutes) was over 6.5%.    Obviously, the blazers got godbodied on the boards last night in general, and it’s a small sample size – so it’s too soon to draw any definitive conclusions.  By all accounts and metrics Hickson was one of the most efficient and effective players on the court for the blazers last night offensively, while playing against some pretty solid defensive bigs.

More importantly, the blazers lost.  They didn’t eek out another meaningless win against a solid western conference opponent and jeopardize the quality of their potential draft picks.  Combine that with the fact that NJ won tonight, Detroit lost, Washington lost – this was a pretty important loss for the blazers last night.


“Look Canales – I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly!”

Egads, Blazers management.  WHAT THE F— ARE YOU DOING?  So you had to give the blazers a pass for going out and whopping the Bulls right after they fired Nate, and dumped 40% of their starting lineup.  I get it.  But the blazers have all the tools to be losing at this point (I’m looking at you the quadumvirate known as Flabeeksonabbitt), and should also be auditioning the aforementioned Flabeeksonabbitt for future rotation gigs – given that even with the dumping of Wallace and Camby, the blazers still have a 32, 33, and a 39 year old (none of whom are on long-term deals) logging a combined 66 minutes in the rotation.  Canales, clearly auditioning himself for next year, more than auditioning any members of Flabeeksonabbitt, gave them a combined 8 rotation minutes last night (4 to Flynn, and 4 to Babbitt).  The proposed explanation, is that Canales wants to give the members of Flabeeksonabbitt some time to learn the offensive and defensive schemes.  The big problem I see with that is, what does teaching them the offense or defense have to do with helping us lose games?  If I were Paul Allen I’d dictate that nobody be taught any offense or defense for the rest of the season.


On the road to the bottom the Blazers move their L-W record to (2-1), a sign that their post all-star tank job is off to a pretty first week, despite the rocky start of trouncing the best team in the league.  The bad news of the week is that

It’s a little hard to judge Hickson, who looked so solid in his second season (Lebron’s last in CLE), that the Cavs almost managed to flip him into Amare Stoudemire.  How does one go from there to being waived by the lowly Sacramento Kings?  Part of Hickson’s break out 09-10 campaign had to be the Lebron factor, but keep in mind that although his FG% dipped sharply from 55% to 45% in the next season, his PER actually rose from 15.2 to 15.9.  A quick examination of his stats, shows that this had more to do with a nice bump in his rebound rate, from 14.1% of available rebounds to 15.3% of available boards in 10-11.  Some of both of these statistics can be attributed tot he lack of Lebron, as JJ was clearly a bit of what Kenny Smith has dubbed, “a looter in a riot,” often being a primary option on the floor for a really horrible Cavs team.  It’s worth noting that JJ never really had the support of Byron Scott, playing only 28 minutes per game last year, despite the fact that he was one of few “up and coming” talents on a horribly bad Cavs team.

While the move to Sacramento may have seemed like a decent fit when he signed, the Kings go relatively deep with serviceable forwards and centers, with Boogie Cousins, Jason Thompson, Chuck Hayes, Travis Outlaw, and Donte Green all capable of playing either the 4 position, the 5 position, or both.  Their lack of a true point guard, consistent offensive identity, or sound defensive schemes probably all hurt Hickson who averaged an appalling 37% from the floor this season.