About Hardwood Blacktop

As an avid hip hop fan for over twenty years, I’ve done interviews for www.philaflava.com‘s Q&A in the past, was part of the team that along with Philaflava, Alex, and Blast, helped relaunch www.steadybloggin.com into the excellent blog that you see today, and I made a couple of contributions over at www.ohword.com.  I created hardwoodblacktop.com to cover music and artists that I really deem worthy of extra attention, analysis, or discussion.  You’re welcome to contact or follow me on twitter @jaybeware, like me on facebook, or send me an email at jaybeware@gmail.com if you have something you want me to hear.  I’m open to listening to submissions, but stuff will rarely make the site unless you’re truly ready for prime time, or are doing something that’s undeniable in some way or another.  If you have money and want to pay me to write something for you, feel free to hit me up.  If you think I want to post something on your blog for the prestige and for the added exposure, go play in traffic.

  1. PD says:

    We found you! great site!

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